Artist Collection- Janice Anderson

Meet Janice Anderson, a local artist and Owner of Red Door Art Studio in Hazel Green.

Janice remembers loving to draw as far back as the 4th grade. She has been professionally painting for 37 years. Janice started with oil paintings, which led to designing and painting ideas for a clothing company, murals on walls and then back to her first love of canvas and wood.. She started designing Greeters (door hangers) in 2012 and sign decor for homes...

Red Door Art Studio is her and her husband Fred Anderson’s dream to have a local place to teach others the joy of painting.

Freds continued support/help with her ideas has lead to a success by both. Come to Red Door Art Studio and Paint with Friends!

Janice says she’s worn several “career hats” but the one that has never felt like work was painting .


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