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Patterned Printboard - Printed Laser Material

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Custom embossed printed MDF board for Glowforge or other laser cutting.
We custom print each board using UV ink. UV ink is different than sublimation prints. Sublimation has it's place and can be beautiful but UV printing offers more dimension and texture. We know that creating items from this material will make your products stand out and rise above. No more flat lifeless images- welcome to to a product sure to wow you and your customer. 
  • Materials: MDF, UV ink printed patterns
  • Available in single or double sided prints.
  • Size: 12x20 (nominal-11.5x19.5) 
  • Thickness 1/8"
  • Larger sizes and thicknesses available upon request
  • Texture of the print can slightly vary between patterns and MDF board composition. 

Suggested settings:


1/8" Settings

Cut: 160 / full power

Engrave: PG Draftboard settings

Other machines (we have a 130 watt laser)-

1/8" Settings

Cut: 25 spd / 80 pwr

Engrave: 600 spd / 35 pwr

*Machine power and speed can vary. You may mask each board or clean easily with rubbing alcohol after processing. 

To order-
Select Your print preference for printing on one side or printing on both sides (same pattern) and then select your pattern. If you want to save 20% you can choose our 5 piece sampler pack for the most bang for your buck.

The boards are approximately around 11.5 inches by 19.5 inches, 1/8th inch thick due to nominal sizing.

If you have questions about the product and want to find out if it works with your project please feel free to ask questions. 

Our items are custom made to order, NO RETURNS or exchanges will be accepted.